• Many local police stations offer volunteer opportunities to assist with clerical work and other tasks. Search for opportunities specific to your community!
  • Serve on a local Citizen Advisory Board, where available.
  • Participate in a Citizens Police Academy if one is offered in your area.

Send Compliments

  • When you have a positive interaction with a member of law enforcement, let them know.
  • Send letters or emails of appreciation and gratitude to your local police office.
  • Leave encouraging messages on your local law enforcement’s social media pages.

Participate in Neighborhood Watch

To find your local neighborhood watch or start one for your area, visit the National Neighborhood Watch website at https://www.nnw.org/.

Participate in Police Events, Surveys, or Projects

When your local law enforcement holds an event, attend or donate to show support.

Involve Children and Youth

  • Have children write notes or draw pictures to send to officers.
  • Invite officers to school for lunch or class where allowed.
  • Take your children by the police station to meet the officers.

Utilize Social Media

  • Follow your local police station on your social media platforms.
  • Share positive stories about your local law enforcement.

Pray for Law Enforcement

Encourage your local faith community to do the same.

Do a Random Act of Kindness

  • Anonymously pay for an officer’s meal.
  • Share your gratitude for your law enforcement officers by calling your local radio station.
  • Collect small notes of gratitude from others and send them to your local police station.

Decorate Your Home

Place a blue lightbulb or blue ribbon on your property.

Sources and Additional Information

Source: Be the People Project Resources, www.bethepeoplenonprofit.com, September 20, 2020.