Our Mission

Be the People Project is dedicated to changing the direction of America’s culture by:  

  1. Relentlessly educating people about conservative values and principles; 
  2. Helping them understand America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and its positive impact on our nation.
  3. Exposing radical secularism and the negative impact it has had on American institutions, local communities, families, and religious institutions. 
  4. Advancing true racial reconciliation and healing within and across communities. 


Our Strategy

We are embroiled in a battle for the future of our children and grandchildren. As concerned Americans, we must embrace opportunities to stand for constitutional government and against anything that weakens our nation and its people.  The Be The People Project is dedicated to leading the charge.  We have the following objectives: 

  • To reach a broader public with clear explanations about how conservative values and principles encourage the healthy flourishing of our economic, social, political and cultural foundations.
  • To identify important social and political problems and advance creative fair and healthy solutions to problems like rising crime, illegal immigration, failing schools, skyrocketing health care costs, welfare dependence, and racial animosity.
  • To dispel myths and stereotypes about race, class, and gender that shut down debate and discourage individuals from setting and pursuing life-changing goals.
  • To reach diverse audiences via all forms of media: blogs, television, talk radio, podcasts, print, other Internet applications, as well as participation and networking with other critical culture shaping organizations. 
  • To partner with appropriate established organizations to cosponsor events related to the education of the public.
  • To participate in local, state, and national conversations about the well-being of the American public.